Other Places to Film the Show:

Character and Show Organizer Interviews:

Mrs. Claus and the Merry Crew want everyone to come see Waterskiing Santa!

The Longest-Running Water Ski Christmas Show

We are a transparent organization yet have one golden rule passed down for 35 years - no one gets personal acclaim.  This is to show our focus on the community.  We insist that you do not publish any personal names but only interviews with characters; e.g., Santa & Mrs. Claus.  Also note that you have to come before 11:00 AM to set up for character interviews. We start preparing on-site no later than 9:00 AM.  Finally, if you need legal documentation, please contact Waterskiing Santa, LLC in advance.

You can see the extent of the show site on the page entitled, "How & Where to Find Us."  Good filming locations are anywhere along Waterfront or King Street Park. To minimize line-of\-sight conflicts with public viewing, please be sure to reach out early for better options.  Also, note that you have to arrive no later than 11:00 AM to coordinate and set up in the preferred locations.  It is a very busy morning, so the show can start promptly at 1:00 PM (for the benefit of chilly and potentially wet children).

We have a prime, private location for you to see and film the show; however, please contact us before show day.  On Christmas Eve, we are busy preparing for the show starting at 5:30 AM. Then we have to be at the show site early to continue preparing and coordinating with sponsors and show participants.


When to Contact Us: