Priorities, Priorities


Waterskiing Santa History

Boat Drivers

Due to safety issues, we can only accept the help of USA Waterski Certified Drivers.


If you are a very good waterskier and do not mind cold water or have a dry suit and do not want personal acclaim, please let us know over the preceding summer. 

Helping with Waterskiing Santa

Unfortunately, being Christmas Eve, Santa does not have time to talk to each and everyone. Yet he and his merry crew do have time to take pictures and generally greet children and families for about 30 minutes. 

Personalized Attention

Sitting on Santa's Lap?

After the show, Santa Claus and his merry crew greet families and children, who came to watch this crazy show, in the pavilion on the waterfront and behind the Torpedo Factory.

Santa and Mrs. Claus love children! So be sure to have your children try and get his attention. And be sure to spend some time with the other characters. This even might include the Grinch, depending if he is still grumpy.


Mrs. Claus and the Merry Crew want everyone to come see Waterskiing Santa!




Show Sponsorship

Needless to say, the show needs resources.  We appreciate anything you can provide.

The Longest-Running Water Ski Christmas Show

Support Personnel

We can always use help, and that includes with dressers, costumers, decorators, safety personnel and other various roles.

In 1986, a group of friends drew straws to see who would go out and water ski in a Santa Claus suit on Christmas Eve.  The one who lost did so, at which time he decided he would do it again next year. In 1987, local news covered the show 

While you might say, he initially lost the bet, he definitely won it for the sake of children and families alike. It continues today, after more than 30 years.