The Waterski Santa Show will be back in 2022!  Please wear a mask out of respect for others and practice social distancing.

Please go to the "Past Shows" page to find the 2020 Video which helped continued the then 35-Year tradition. You can also see the 2015 and 2017 shows as well as other Christmas events involving Santa Clauses.

We could not do this show without the help of commercial sponsors who support in-kind.

Waterski Santa 2021 Update

"Google" Waterskiing Santa

Please note the pictures on this site are proprietary from VOA and other providers and cannot be used for commercial purposes.  

The Grinch...!

Gratitude to Sponsors

The Longest-Running Water Ski Christmas Show

Mrs. Claus and the Merry Crew want everyone to come see Waterskiing Santa!

Waterskiing Santa

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Waterskiing Santa normally takes place along the historic Old Town Alexandria Waterfront (once a vibrant commercial port) from the Founders to Point Lumley Park.

We are very sorry to inform you that the City of Alexandria understandably cancelled the 2021 Waterski Santa Show due to its highest number of COVID cases.

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